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The Secret: How to Start Saving Money

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Most of the time, the most challenging thing about saving money is getting started. It is possible to develop a workable and straightforward strategy to help you save, despite living hard economic times. Whether you have a lot of money or live from hand to mouth, this information will help you. If you’re wondering whether it is possible to save despite having a low income or debts, below is the secret to start saving money.


Pay Yourself First

However weird it may sound, it is crucial to learn to pay yourself first. If you have no idea how to do this, it means setting aside some money from your paycheck and depositing it into your account. It is a simple way of growing your savings gradually.

You might have to adjust your budget elsewhere by paying yourself first, but your savings will continue growing. Remember, you do not work entirely for bills. As such, you should also discipline yourself to save even the pocket change that remains after your daily activities, however little.


Use One Savings Account

Keeping things simple is one secret that most people do not know. If you’re wondering how, you should have one account for emergencies, another one for your purchases, and a third account for your long-term goals. But, if you have little money to save, you can start with a single savings account before opening two more for your other needs.

But, before opening accounts, ensure you understand how to run them and whether they are free. You don’t want to deposit money only for the bank to keep deducting. Also, if you intend to lock up your money in an account, only lock money intended for long-term investment to avoid disappointments when you need your money.


Stick to Your Spending Plan

Although most people are quick to develop budgets, not many follow them. A budget is essential because it helps you understand how you’re spending your money. Considering the importance of a budget, most finance professionals recommend creating a budget in parallel with planning your savings. Simultaneously planning your budget and savings allows you to make the necessary adjustments to make it work. 

Follow the “pay yourself first” rule and decide how what percentage of your salary you’d like to save. Then, list your monthly expenses, including money you lend and give for charity; the idea is to identify the problem areas and address them first.

Once you understand your spending habits and account for your money, you will develop a realistic sense of what changes need to be made to accomplish your savings goals. Although you do not account for every penny, you will have a clear picture of your spending.

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How to Start Saving Money if Your Over-indebted

Naturally, a low income or a deep catalog of debt can make saving money seem like an impossible task. But don’t be discouraged. If you can develop the right habits and a savings mindset, you’ll soon start to see your savings grow. Below are some secrets on how to tweak your finances, overcome debt or maximize a low income so that you can start saving money immediately.


Clear Your Debt First

Monthly debts are the major culprits that deter you from saving money. To start saving, you must first tackle them, beginning with those that charge exorbitant interests. You will need discipline and a feasible plan to repay your debts. However, getting rid of your debt will help you avoid paying outrageous interest charges and give your finances room to breathe.

Getting debt help from a debt counselor can make a huge difference. There are lots of benefits to debt review, one of which is that your debt gets consolidated into a single payment. This makes it easier to track your debt and ensures that you don’t miss a payment. That’s not even the best part; another significant benefit is that the new consolidated payment is reduced. The lower repayment amount means that your cost of living is taken into account, and your debt repayment is reduced to make your income sufficient to repay all of your debt and make it easier to afford the life you’re living.

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Diversify Your Income

Besides saving some of your salary, you could look for a side job to bring in some extra money. You can try freelancing, buying and selling items online, or joining online services that pay you for participating in surveys. If you have hobbies that can earn you money, including creating content for a YouTube channel, go for it; it may boost your finances significantly.



Saving money on a low income can be challenging, but it isn’t impossible. But, take the first step today. Do not allow the discouragements to deter you from reaching your saving goals. Evaluate your finances and be honest with yourself, then draw motivation from your goals.

We hope that this article is helpful on your journey towards financial freedom. We recommend that you check out our list of must-read finance books if you’re interested in learning more.

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