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The Easiest Ways That You Can Make Money From Home In South Africa

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How cool would it be to work and have an income without leaving your home? South Africans have a range of options to make money from the comfort of their living room, and it is especially great for those who are over-indebted and in need of extra money. 

The advantages of side hustles and online jobs are numerous. First of all, you can work from home (or anywhere). It is possible to earn money online even while lying on the beach.

On top of that, you are independent to do whatever you want. Do you want to watch your favourite series while you work? What about spending time with your family while earning money? Do whatever you want! 

The most important advantage is the opportunity! You can reach almost anyone in the world, which provides you instant access to a huge target market and almost limitless opportunities. And lastly, you are your own boss. Need I say more?

So, let’s dive deep to help you figure out the perfect way to make money from home. 


All The Ways Vs. The Easiest Ways

There are hundreds of ideas to make money from home in South Africa, but some of them might be more suitable for you than others. It also depends on how fast you want to make the money because some options might get you the money a little later than expected.

This is why we are going to simplify it for you. 

We will mention all the ways you can earn money online, and later on, we will get into more details about the easiest ways to make money from home in order to help you weigh your options and make the right choice.

All The Ways To Make Money From Home In South Africa

Although there are hundreds of options, here are the most popular ones: 

1. Start a blog 2. Become a graphic designer 
3. Become a product tester 4. Create video reviews 
5. Design and sell t-shirts 6. Become a virtual assistant 
7. Take online surveys and share your opinion 8. Start a youtube channel 
9. Online proofreading 10. Freelance writing 
11. Online data entry 12. Launch an online course 
13. Online translation services 14. English language instruction 
15. Website management 16. Grow and sell your own produce 
17. Launch a podcast 18. SEO work for small businesses 
19. Become a voice-over artist 20. Work virtually for a company 
21. Start a home daycare 22. Participate in online market research 
23. Start a doggy daycare 24. Sell your artwork 
25. Become a pro gamer 26. Sell stock photos 
27. Plan travel for others 28. Create and sell woodworking 
29. Become a consultant 30. Teach music lessons 
31. Play online games 32. Write a book or ebook 
33. Sell your junk mail 34. Create a dropshipping business 
35. Sell coupons online 36. Sell unused gift cards 


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The Easiest Ways To Make Money From Home In South Africa

The easiest ways to make money online require little to no skills at all. As long as you have a well-functioning computer, a fast internet connection, and enough time on your hands, then you can earn more than R1000 per day.

In no particular order. Find the method that is most suited for you. 


1. Start a YouTube Channel

Did you ever wonder how much money famous YouTubers make each year? YouTube stars like Ryan’s Toy Review, Mr Beast, Dude Perfect, etc. earn millions of dollars every year!  

Anyone in the world could have the same success. Including South Africans.

It’s not too late to start a wildly popular YouTube channel. The amount of money made by small YouTubers with tens of thousands of views is still quite good. You only need to learn the basics of editing (not too difficult, by the way!) to create quality content that intrigues people. 

Possible earnings: R 45.00 – R 75.00 per 1000 video views exclusive of sponsored videos.

This one is easy to get started but will take some persistence before you see results – so if you decide to take this method on to extend your income, then stick with it!


2. Typing for Cash

If you have fast typing skills, are a great listener, and are fluent in English, you could try transcribing audio. How does it work?  

Simply put, transcribing is writing down the audio. There are online transcribing jobs that pay by either word count or audio hour. This will vary depending on how productive you are. 

Jobs relating to transcription are available not only for English speakers. If you are proficient in other important languages like Spanish, Mandarin, or French, your resume may stand out from the crowd.  

Possible earnings: R 175.00 to R 975.00 per audio minute.


3. Sell Stock Photos and Videos

Do you like to take artsy pictures? You can, then, have one of the high-earning ways to make money from home in South Africa. It is even easier now that we have powerful cameras on the back of our smartphones.

The best options for selling stock footage are Getty, iStock, Shutterstock, Vimeo, VideoHive, and Pond5.

Possible earnings: R 5.00 to R 1,500.00 per sale.


4. Answer Online Surveys

Do you have many opinions and no one to listen to them? Many companies and brands would love to hear from you. 

One of the best things about online surveys is how little time they take. You only need to set aside a few minutes each day to complete surveys and earn money. It’s easy, quick, and convenient. 

Possible earnings: As high as R 2,225+ per survey

Here are a few popular online survey sites that can help you to make money from home.


5. Review websites & apps for money

Reviewing websites and apps is among the best ways to earn money easily. It is almost the same as filling out online surveys.

Companies worldwide need feedback about their websites and apps. Your thoughts can influence the product development of brands as you earn money. Many brands, including HP, Samsung, CBS, Adobe, and more depend on user testing to improve their products.

Possible earnings: R 50.00 to R 1,800.00 or more.

To try and earn some extra money from user testing, check out these popular user testing websites.


6. Play Games

Yes, you can earn money by playing games now. What a great time to be alive, right? 

You can play many games, either on your PC or on game consoles, that will pay you every time you win or stream. Check out Twitch, which is a huge online gaming platform with over 4 million broadcasters and 17.5 million users, all of whom are either playing video games or watching others play. Several of the largest gaming broadcasters earn seven figures from subscriptions, sponsorship and ad revenue.

Possible earnings: Varying per broadcaster.

Keep in mind that there’s a lot of competition here. Everyone loves playing video games, so naturally, a lot of people are trying to make money this way. However, if you really stand out then this could be a great way to earn money from home.



We live in an era where making money can be much easier than ever before. You only need
to start! 

You can try out different options till you find the opportunity that suits you better. Just a little dedication and effort can get you a long way. Who knows? You may even end up quitting your boring, office job, repaying out your debt faster, and living comfortably without even having to change out of your pyjamas.

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