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Hobbies And Side Hustles that Make Money In South Africa

Two female adventure tourism enthusiasts hiking through a lush green forest woods as a side hustle

Isn’t it wonderful to find a passion project that can make you money easily? All you need to do is to get started. That’s it!

Many South Africans find money-making ideas to augment their regular jobs to pay for other miscellaneous expenses or simply improve their finances

So, we have compiled a list of the best hobbies that make money in South Africa, and it’s up to you to take the next step and stick with it. Don’t let failure deter you; if your first choice doesn’t work, you can always try one of the other hobbies that make money.



Do you enjoy creating a delicious meal from scratch for your loved ones? Then you should totally consider turning this hobby into a source of income.

Food has evolved recently to become a form of art, and people are starting to appreciate more an Instagram-worthy meal that is also crafted uniquely. That is why cooking can be one of the quickest hobbies that make money in South Africa. 

There are LOTS of ways to make money from your cooking hobby. Here is a quick list that you can use for inspiration:

  • Food truck
  • Food markets
  • Catering
  • Baking
  • Teach cooking classes

There are so many ways to present your food to the world, starting from hitting the road with a food truck, catering small events, baking cool cakes, to sharing the recipes online. Just make sure to stand out and present unique and interesting food for your clients/audience to explore.



Today, many people earn good money and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle working as fishermen.

This could be you. If you have a knack for fishing or are interested in learning, then you could sell your fish to earn an extra income. Remember to keep the cost of your fishing equipment in mind when setting your price.

If you don’t feel like selling your fish, then sell the skill! 

Fishing content

Fishing blog

How about using your knowledge and fishing skills to create content that you can monetize? You can create a blog where you share what you learn as a fisherman or even stories of when you were out in the sea. 

Fishing photos

You can also sell unique fishing photographs that you can take by yourself using only your smartphone. Just make sure you have a good camera and a few editing skills.

Fishing courses or fishing trips

Not a fan of all this? Why not offer fishing lessons or even plan fishing charters. It could be a great way to make money and enjoy your weekends doing what you love most.



Do you find yourself in the gym more often than in your regular bar? Why not make a profit out of it? 

There are a ton ways to make money in the fitness space. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Fitness instructor
  • Nutritionist (meal planning)
  • Fitness influencer
  • Supplement sales


Fitness blog

Of course, you can always begin with a fitness blog where you can share your tips and secrets. 


Online fitness training

You can also offer online personal training, which has become very popular since Covid. Otherwise, you can offer group training sessions in your gym!

Fitness podcast

You can do a fitness podcast if you don’t have the patience to train someone. How wonderful would it be to sit for one hour, discuss your favourite hobby, and get money out of it (perhaps fame, too)? 

It is worth mentioning that you won’t see money rolling in immediately with some of these options, but the idea that are scalable can reach a wider audience and earn more in the long run.

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Adventure Tourism

It’s unlikely that many local and foreign tourists will know where to find the greatest hiking, cycling, riding or 4×4 trails, but you might. This is a great side-hustle in South Africa because there are many adrenaline-inducing spots that you can go to with groups.

You can even organise vacations in South Africa for those looking for the most exciting activities the country has to offer. All that you have to do is organise group trips to take advantage of these unforgettable experiences and become and adventure tourism operator.

Here is our list that you can use for inspiration:

  • Organized adventure holidays
  • Weekly trail guide
  • Cycling/running club

And as always, you can use the internet to go further by creating content about your adventure hobby.


Brewing Craft Beer

If you love sampling or making craft brews, there could be a viable business opportunity there.

You could place yourself above the competition by introducing uniquely South African ingredients and flavours to your brew. South Africa has 9 600 recorded plant species, 70% of which are unique to the globe.

If it works out, you might launch your own beer label, or at the very least, you’ll never have to buy beer for the rest of your life.

Like most hobbies, brewing beer has upfront costs, so be smart. Utilise as many online resources as possible and learn how to start a craft brewery in South Africa.



Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies in South Africa. If by any chance you are also passionate about it, then you can start a new gardening side hustle today! 


Growing and selling plants

You can grow and sell your own plants, especially if you have unique and gorgeous ones.



If growing and selling plants sounds like it will take too long, then you can consider landscaping. If you do just grass cutting, you can charge R300 for the simplest job with plants and landscaping included.


Garden design

For those of you with exceptionally green thumbs and a great eye, why not step it up and make some money creating enchanting outdoor gardens in your area? There are plenty of smart ways to go about this if you feel like you don’t have the capital to start. Deeg deep (pun intended) and get resourceful. You can make it happen.



The potential of writing and publishing online is more than a mere hobby. It can be used in a number of ways, such as advancing your career and establishing yourself as an expert on a topic, creating a platform for sharing ideas, or renting out your skills.


Freelance copywriting

Usually, the best way for South African writers to earn money writing is to sell it as a service, a freelance job on UpworkFiverrWriters Work, or take on paid gigs directly on blogs. Good content writers with expertise in unique niches are usually in high demand and can make a lot of money.


Selling books

But, if you are more of a reader than a writer, then why not sell your books? You can make a profit and have a lot of empty space for the new books that you can afford now. 



You can start a blog too. This way, you can combine your writing hobby with other passions or interests to create educational or engaging content. With some knowledge of how to get your content online, you can start a blog and learn how to sell advertising opportunities or use affiliate links in your posts to make some extra cash.


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You can turn your hobby of photography into a side hustle if you have a nice camera and know how to use it.

You can become a freelance photographer; however, that will restrict you to shooting local events and gigs. And when events aren’t held, freelance photographers have fewer opportunities.

The best way to earn money from this hobby is by selling your shots as stock photos. You can also grow your Instagram by showing off your photography skills, which will quickly lead you to success!


Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of the most creative and in-demand side hustles in South Africa. Fiverr, in particular, features a number of newer artists with a wide range of illustration styles, making it easy to earn money. There are a variety of projects clients post for which they need these skills, from social media graphics to illustration and anything in between.

You can also put your art on items — such as t-shirts, posters, and canvases — and sell them instead. However, understand that you’ll need to build a brand or target a specific market in order to turn your art into a product.

Here is an exhaustive list of ways to make money using your graphic design skills.



Everyone loves music, but only the smart ones are capable of looking at a music-making hobby as a money-making opportunity!

There are so many ways to use music as a side hustle, like DJing in events, weddings or clubs. If you are blessed with beautiful vocals, you can consider singing at these events as well.

For those of you that are more interested in live instruments, then you can teach music to those who need lessons or sell samples if you’re a producer. 

You can also record a few covers of popular songs and publish them on streaming platforms to reach millions of people and generate streams. 


Fashion Design

The ability to design your clothes for yourself and others is a fun skill that everyone can pick up. You can make a dozen pieces and sell these online or at local flea markets. You can even create South African fashion with your unique, creative touch to stand out.

You can also potentially sell your clothes through stores like YDE or Hello Pretty, which offer space to emerging designers. 



Gaming is thrilling and requires a strong desire to be successful. So, if you love to game and understand the market needs, you already have a big advantage as an entrepreneur in this space.

You can turn gaming into a side hustle by simply live streaming on Twitch, or of course, you can head to YouTube for a higher chance of earning. However, you have to be committed and give this hobby a significant amount of time, which will not be too hard if you already do it daily for fun anyway.


Final Thoughts

If you are really interested in earning more to live more comfortably, or need a few money making ideas to support your debt afterbeing retrenched, then know that there are so many hobbies that make money in South Africa. It only needs a little passion, commitment, and patience. 

Now is the best time to take advantage of today’s popularity of social media and people’s thirst to see and purchase new things. So, start today!


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